The Realm of the Old Gods

A Death ( and Rebirth) In the Family

New Drider

The Party ventures forward through the marshes of Tadamek, when they come across another drider strung up in the short, strong marsh trees. After cutting her down and fighting off marauding bugbears searching out their prey. The second drider awakens after the scuffle and explains that she has been hunting bugbears as a bounty for the nearby town. After looking for leads, the Bounty Hunter, Sandwich, leads the group to what seems to be a haphazard pile of assorted objects, children’s toys, boxes, chairs, and other things one would expect to see in a standard home. From the pile of ravaged home-life, however, three ghostly figures -Attic Whisperers- arose and - with one fell strike- killed the large Drider, Defractal. After the party finishes off the remaining Attic Whisperers, Defractal is surrounded in an ancient light and is brought to life; full of new-found vitality and rage. The party subdues the enraged Drider but not before the newest member, the small, female Drider, and the Bounty Hunter, Sandwich, are put on the brink of death by their empowered friend. The party rests by a small log-fire until the dawn of a new day brings better tidings.


Rikmah Rikmah

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